A little color doesn’t hurt every once in while. I’ve been embracing being a Miami Beach resident lately; we’ve had friends and family visiting for the past two weeks which has led to the discovery of unknown/new local activities. I tried stand-up paddleboard for the first time –it is my new sport of choice- so freaking fun! Doing new things and stepping out of the routine is mind opening, sometimes we are so caught up with daily responsibilities that we forget to let go and relax. This outfit embodies that felling of letting-go, no limits, no boundaries just going with the flow.

Wearing: t-shit Zara (old) /  shorts and bag from a local shop in Buenos Aires / sandals Ebay



Is not everyday that one come’s across with the perfect top hat.  This one in particular was found at my best friends closet last October. I saw it and immediately asked if I could have it – we have a system of trading items – I’ve had given her a fedora on a previous occasion so I was convinced she was going to say yes. In a matter of seconds it was mine and I was trilled!
 My husband thinks I look crazy when I wear it; he always tries to convince me that it doesn’t match my outfit. I never listen I absolutely love it. Would you believe me if I told you that it’s from a Halloween store? ...We don’t have to spend a fortune to look epic right!

Wearing: shirt Madewell / jeans DIY / jacket H&M / shoes Vans  



It’s interesting how just the simple mix of a tan blazer, a white cami, pinstripe trousers and dirty converse can look on point. Sometimes the must understated things turn out to be the most impactful. My friends and I are making a pact of minimizing our wardrobes. We are all terrified! It’s going to be extremely hard, but at the end of the journey we will have perfect curated closets with long-lasting pieces. Let's hope we can all follow the rules, I'll keep you posted!

Wearing: Vintage blazer  /  H&M trousers  /  Converse sneakers  / Vintage bag



In fashion jeans are the equivalent of a BFF –Best Friend Forever…if you happen to find the right one of course. I’m lucky enough to have several pairs that I can call my BFF’s, they never disappoint me and are always there when I need them.

Wearing: Vintage shirt  /  jeans Madewell  /  bag Madewell  /  boots Vintage



Do I miss winter? …Yes! Do I want to live in a cold place? ...Absolutely not! Regardless of those facts, living in a tropical paradise like Miami Beach has its limitations; the main one being the massive heat. With temperatures rising one can not handle the use of to many layers, I feel like outfits with two or more layers – like the one above – are way more interesting than the classic t-shirt and cut-offs. Don’t get me wrong I’m an advocate for simple summer looks, but it can get a little frustrating when you a dying to wear a chunky sweater with your favorite collar shirt.  I’m constantly challenging myself to come up with exciting-breezy outfits that stand the test of humidity…a little hard sometimes I’m not going to lie. If I could only have tree months of 55°F weather everything would be perfect…a girl can dream!

Wearing: Vintage jacket and bag  /  H&M hat  /  Madewell jeans  /  Zara sweater  /  Marais boots

Photos by Kadeem Barnett



While editing these photos I realized how adventurous and free I felt that day. Maybe because it was extremely hot in Buenos Aires and it was a mission to get through the San Telmo Antique market without getting stampeded by visitors, or maybe it was the whole sneaker-dress situation that made me feel cool and confident. Who knows? All I know is that this neighborhood should be on everyone’s list; especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Numerous antique stores open their doors and booths set-up around the main plaza filled with treasures, local couples dancing tango and overall a great atmosphere. Vintage shopping while listing to live music…what more could you ask for? If you are a romantic like me who enjoys a little nostalgia, San Telmo will charm you away!

Wearing: dress Asos / shoes Vans / bag Madewell / hat H&M



Boots by Marais USA, bag by Madewell, hat from Amazon
Boots by Marais USA, bag by Madewell, hat from Amazon
Boots by Marais USA, bag by Madewell, hat from Amazon
Boots by Marais USA, bag by Madewell, hat from Amazon
Boots by Marais USA, bag by Madewell, hat from Amazon
Boots by Marais USA, bag by Madewell, hat from Amazon
Finding accessories that speak to your style and become timeless in your wardrobe are hard to find. Think about it; we fall in love with a bag wear for two months straight and then forget it ever existed. I’m always on the hunt for those common denominators that your wear constantly and make your outfits shine. My Christmas gifts were selected for the sole purpose of becoming my absolute favorites accessories. Here’s the scoop:

The black bag. I’m head over heels for this bag. It’s simple, black, fits everything I need and can be worn for casual and not so casual occasions. Oh! And it comes with a detachable strap, two-in-one deal.

The funky hat. This is probably not a timeless accessory for most people, but I find this captain hat extremely cute and extremely necessary. Picture yourself with denim cut offs, a grey tee, white chucks and this hat…Voila! 

The calf hair shoe. This is a must in every girls closet; you can do a heel, a moccasin or a boot. I’m a sucker for beautiful boots so this one stole my heart. Leopard boots are a rock n’ roll classic; they are edgy and careless. It’s the kind of shoe that accompanies a simple outfit; all black, jeans and your favorite band tee or a denim on denim look. No matter how you style them, they are always going to make you look cool.

Photographed by Maria Copello (me)

Bag Madewell / hat Amazon / boots Marais USA