I've been packing this week non stop, it's been a bit overwhelming we have way to much stuff (specially me), but on the bright side it's almost over and we are 3 days away from sunny Miami Beach. Today I'm taking the day off to celebrate my mom's birthday, she flew all the way from Panama to help us with the move. Thank you Mom and Happy Birthday! The least I can do is shower her with gifts from her favorite designer, Kate Spade. Mariano's parent's are also here to help us all the way from Argentina, so everything should flow pretty smoothly.
Words can not describe how exited I am to start this new chapter in my life. I have an excessive amount of ideas and projects flying in my head that I can't wait to execute, of course they all revolve around NotesOfStyle, Fashion and Miami.
I'll post a full look of my outfit next. Thanks for stopping by.

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