I can't believe it's June already, the year is flying by. So far so good! I'm still in a bit of shock that we are living 3 minutes away from the beach, although I haven't been yet cause' I've been busy playing tourist with my mom and my in-laws, I'm grateful to cross-off two things of my "dreamlist" ; move to an exiting city and live near the beach.
The other day I had dinner with the family at Versailles, the best cuban restaurant in town. If you are ever in Miami make sure you stop by this place in Calle Ocho, the food is absolutely delicious and they have great mojitos. I'm a huge fan of Latin American cuisine (how could I not be, I'm from Panama), so will be making our monthly trip to Versailles for sure. Happy Saturday night!!

necklace Topshop  //  sweater Zara (borrowed from my Mom)  //  skirt Zara (past collection)  //  shoes Zara (current collection)

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  1. esta muy original , sencilla pero muy clásica

    felicidades , por su talento , bendiciones