Here’s a look at the Wildfox Swimwear Collection, the other show I attended during Miami Swim Week. The show itself was entertaining, the models had a ton of energy, and the styling was very much “Wildfox”, colorful wigs, high platforms, and that vintage-grunge vibe that we all love about the label.
I enjoyed the wide range of styles throughout the collection, from high waisted retro bikinis, to printed triangle bikinis, to long beach pants, to one pieces; it seamed like the designers had every girl in mind. Amazing because we all have different bodies, different tastes, and different styles!
As for my outfit, I wanted to wear something simple and chic that wouldn't make me sweat (It was ridiculously warm), so it was a great chance to wear my Mom's vintage pink jacket (I had my eyes on it since I was ten!). Short sleeved and colorful, the perfect compliment for a minimal look. 
Hope everyone’s week is going swell.
photos by Mariano Copello

jacket Vintage (stolen from Mom)  //  shirt Zara  //  shorts DIY Gap  //  shoes  Guess  //  necklace Vintage

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