Since a young age I’ve been fascinated with my moms closet. I used to spend hours playing dress up trying everything on and dreaming that someday I would be able to fit into her clothes. These days we happily share clothes and shoes. It has come to the point where I remember most of her closet and ask for specific items (the perks of being an only child). About a year ago her old denim overalls popped into my head, I was terrified that she had giving them away.  Lucky for me she still had them! They were exactly how I remembered; light wash, boot leg and slightly oversize. Absolutely stunning! They have become a rotating favorite in my weekend outfits. 
It 's quite beautiful how after twenty-something years they still hold up so well. 

Wearing: denim overalls Vintage / bag Madewell / shoes Converse / necklace Swim to the Moon

photos by Mariano Copello

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  1. Who's an only child? - Right here (right hand up!) hahahahaha wow one more thing we share in common!!